hakyll- A static website compiler library

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This module provides an wrapper API around the file system which does some caching.


Constructing resource providers

data Provider Source #

Responsible for retrieving and listing resources

newProvider Source #


:: Store

Store to use

-> (FilePath -> IO Bool)

Should we ignore this file?

-> FilePath

Search directory

-> IO Provider

Resulting provider

Create a resource provider

Querying resource properties

resourceExists :: Provider -> Identifier -> Bool Source #

Check if a given resource exists

resourceModified :: Provider -> Identifier -> Bool Source #

A resource is modified if it or its metadata has changed

Access to raw resource content

resourceString :: Provider -> Identifier -> IO String Source #

Get the raw body of a resource as string

resourceLBS :: Provider -> Identifier -> IO ByteString Source #

Get the raw body of a resource of a lazy bytestring

Access to metadata and body content