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Tutorial: The basics

Building and cleaning

If you followed along with the previous tutorial, you should now have the example site up and running. By running stack exec site build, you created two directories:

stack exec site clean removes these directories, and stack exec site rebuild performs a clean and then a build.

In general, you want to use stack exec site build when you just made changes to the contents of your website. If you made changes to site.hs, you need to recompile site.hs followed by a rebuild:

stack build
stack exec site rebuild

At this point, feel free to change some files, stack exec site build and see what happens!

Pages and metadata

You might’ve noticed that the markdown pages all start with a block:

title: Contact

I live...

This is entirely optional, but useful for providing extra information (“metadata”) about items. All items can have metadata: since it’s not really convenient to add such a header to an image, you can also do this using a separate file.

For a file called images/foo.png, you can add an images/foo.png.metadata file with contents:

title: An image of a cow

Other tutorials

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