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Tutorial: Hakyll 3 to Hakyll 4 migration guide


This tutorial gives a quick overview on how you can port your blog/website from Hakyll 3.X to Hakyll 4. A lot of changes have happened, so it might be useful to read through the tutorial series before porting your website.

Arrow becomes Monad

In Hakyll 3.X, Compiler was an instance of Arrow. Since Hakyll 4, Compiler is a Monad. This means that previous chains such as:

compile $ someCompiler
    >>> someOtherCompiler
    >>> anotherCompiler

Now take the general form of:

compile $ someCompiler
    >>= someOtherCompiler
    >>= anotherCompiler

Page goes away

The Page type in Hakyll 3.X has been removed and replaced by an Item type. pageCompiler no longer exists – where you previously used this, you probably want to use pandocCompiler instead.

Pages were manipulated using setField/getField functions in Hakyll 3.X. In Hakyll 4, all metadata is completely immutable, so these functions have been removed. In order to format and add fields, use a Context – see the next section.

Template changes

The template format has become slightly more flexible, whereas in Hakyll 3.X only keys such as this were allowed:


we now allow arbitrary strings. This will be really useful in the future.

<h1>$uppercase title$</h1>

Some template functions have been renamed:

Instead of setting fields in a Page before applying a template, we now use a Context. More information on context can be found in this tutorial. For migration, you basically want to map every setField to a field in a Context.

Metacompilers go away

For tags, the Hakyll.Web.Tags module still provides a solution. In other cases, the preprocess function should be able to compensate for this.

Other tutorials

The other tutorials can be found here.

Documentation inaccurate or out-of-date? Found a typo?

Hakyll is an open source project, and one of the hardest parts is writing correct, up-to-date, and understandable documentation. Therefore, the authors would really appreciate it if you would give feedback about the tutorials, and especially report errors or difficulties you encountered. If you have a github account, you can use the issue system. Thanks! If you run into any problems, all questions are welcome in the above google group, or you could try the IRC channel, #hakyll on (we do not have a channel on Freenode anymore).