A Gnome Socket Applet

Making Gnome play nicely with xmonad and friends
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I’m an enthusiastic user of the xmonad window manager. It allows me to be more productive while coding, and to focus on what I’m doing.

When I got my new laptop (about 3 months ago), I decided to give Gnome another try. Together with xmonad, it makes a nice combination, since you get the excellent integration of the different gnome components, and the simplicity of xmonad.

When you use the default gnome panel, you get a list of windows, so you can see which windows are open. However, for xmonad, this is kind of redundant: since it is a tiling window manager, you can just see what windows are open. Instead, you want other information in your panel: the currently used xmonad layout, the title of the focused window…

So, I wrote a small applet called gnome-socket-applet which allows simple communication from xmonad to the gnome panel. You simply add the applet to your panel, and it will act as a small server, listening on a port you specified.

Then, xmonad simply sets the applet text by creating a connection to the applet server and writing the desired text. In my case, the applet looks like this:

Screenshot of the applet
Screenshot of the applet

The applet is written in C and should work together with most window managers that support adding custom hooks. Install instructions and example code for xmonad are also given on the gnome-socket-applet page.