Photoessay: things I see at night (Zürich)

A short photoessay on Zürich by night
Published on September 6, 2014 under the tag photography

I have been living, and working, in Zürich for about a year now. The amount of blogposts I have published here has drastically dropped during that period. I think it is nothing to be suprised of.

Firstly, working a full time job leaves me with much less time to work on open source projects in general. Secondly, my drive to code Haskell in the evening has decreased since I do this during the day now.

On the other hand, I have picked up photography as a hobby more seriously now, trying to take a camera with me wherever I go. This means that I will be using this blog for that as well (in addition to the technical posts, I haven’t given up on that yet). I really like the format of a photoessay: a couple of pictures which tell a story, together with some words.

The first one is a collection of night scenes I photographed in Zürich over the past few months.