Photoessay: Pilatus

Monochromes from a foggy hike
Published on August 19, 2020 under the tag photography

Now that we’re in a global pandemic, I’ve been doing significantly more hiking in Switzerland. Around a month ago we climbed the Pilatus mountain near Lucerne.

Unfortunately, there was a thick layer of clouds so we didn’t get the amazing panoramic views from the top. On the flip side, this really works well with black-and-white photography: the clouds add a lot of drama and character. This is a selection of six photographs.

This is the view from where we got of the gondola, looking towards the top. As you can see, it’s possible to take gondolas all the way up as well.

I did the climb together with three friends. We actually went there with a larger group but split up near the start as some people wanted to do a longer hike and decided to get off the gondola earlier.

The first part was mostly easy and led us through some woods.

After that the ascent was very steep. We took a lunch break near the Klimsenkapelle chapel, visible in the background.

This is another view looking up towards the top: after the lunch break, there was only one part of the climb remaining, but it looked very intimidating.

This final photograph is looking back to the Klimsenkapelle. It was taken shortly before we made it to the peak.