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Jasper Van der Jeugt



I have a strong interest for and a lot of experience with functional programming languages, mainly Haskell and OCaml. I am also well-versed in more traditional programming languages and I have a strong Linux background. I am fluent in Dutch and English, both orally and in writing. I have volunteered in different nonprofits, so I am confident in my teamwork and organizational skills.

Work experience

I’ll list only relevant jobs here.

Open source projects

Since 2009, I have been doing a lot of open source development. This is mostly centered around the Haskell programming language, where I am also actively involved in the community.

Here is a list of some projects I have worked on in the past years.

This list is not complete: you can view more projects on my GitHub page.



I’ve given a number of talks, mostly centered around Haskell. Here is a list: